White Noys

31 (noisy) songs

“A couple of times a year I make myself a tape to play in the car, a tape full of all the new songs I’ve loved over the previous few months, and every time I finish one I can’t believe that there’ll be another. Yet there always is, and I can’t wait for the next one; you need only a few hundred more things like that, and you’ve got a life worth living”.

Nick Hornby, from 31 Songs

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“G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END!” by Godspeed You! Black Emperor

No introduction needed. It’s one more great album by these Canadians.

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“Arrow” by Noveller

Psychedelic, ambient, dark guitar album. Very moody.

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“Homecoming” by Du Blonde

Excellent pop-rock from a one-woman band from the UK.

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“Show Me The Blueprints” by Days N Daze

So much energy in this acoustic album. The band seems to be authentic “gutter” punks, playing fast pop punk with some screamo elements. With a banjos and stuff. Really nice … Continue reading

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“As The Love Continues” by Mogwai

Although I should have known more about Mogwai all these years they’ve been around, I don’t. I was never really into them. But this album really speaks to me.

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“Fyra” by Suffocate for fuck sake

Post-hardcore band from Sweden, with a devout following. I am one of those following, because their first couple of albums were amazing. Devastating music. Here’s a first sample off their … Continue reading

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“Oscillate” by pg.lost

The latest album from one of my favorite bands.

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“Weighing Souls With Sand” by The Angelic Process

With this album, I’ve reached the end of my threshold of music as noise. Devastating and enormous in scope.

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“This Is Not The End” by Spielbergs

Debut album from Norway’s Spielbergs. Sounds to me like what a truly punk-ish band from the batch of bands that they used to call “alternative rock” in the early 90s … Continue reading

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“Perish” by GHXST

GHXST is a two-person band from Brooklyn, NY. They play a distortion-heavy, slow-motion, dark-blues kind of thing, which, though I’m not familiar with from other artists, sounds effortless and well-honed. … Continue reading

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