White Noys

31 (noisy) songs

“A couple of times a year I make myself a tape to play in the car, a tape full of all the new songs I’ve loved over the previous few months, and every time I finish one I can’t believe that there’ll be another. Yet there always is, and I can’t wait for the next one; you need only a few hundred more things like that, and you’ve got a life worth living”.

Nick Hornby, from 31 Songs

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“Fyra” by Suffocate for fuck sake

Post-hardcore band from Sweden, with a devout following. I am one of those following, because their first couple of albums were amazing. Devastating music. Here’s a first sample off their … Continue reading

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“Oscillate” by pg.lost

The latest album from one of my favorite bands.

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“Weighing Souls With Sand” by The Angelic Process

With this album, I’ve reached the end of my threshold of music as noise. Devastating and enormous in scope.

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“This Is Not The End” by Spielbergs

Debut album from Norway’s Spielbergs. Sounds to me like what a truly punk-ish band from the batch of bands that they used to call “alternative rock” in the early 90s … Continue reading

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“Perish” by GHXST

GHXST is a two-person band from Brooklyn, NY. They play a distortion-heavy, slow-motion, dark-blues kind of thing, which, though I’m not familiar with from other artists, sounds effortless and well-honed. … Continue reading

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“Wuthering Drum” by Public Memory [2016]

Public Memory is a one-person project from NY.

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“All You Need” by Snuff

Subtitle: It’s the little things.

Here, I just want to speak about “All You Need”, a good example of what I like about this band the most: Snuff is interested in unremarkable everyday life.
Duncan sings about a person in a state of oblivion. He sees “an empty shell of a man”…
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“End Time” by SULK

Subtitle: The Duration Of Happiness.

How long can a person be happy for? How long can they withstand joy without being exhausted? The question isn’t about how long they would like to be happy (if you asked that, everybody would surely say “forever”). But for how long can a person really take it?…
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SULK – Graceless [2013]

Subtitle: an album that was necessary to me.

I was really missing a nice, satisfying pop album like this one. One that is flowing so effortlessly through my ears and into my brain, from beginning to end. This is an album that celebrates music itself and perhaps I will “consume” it quickly. But that’s just how pop is and I need it…
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