White Noys

31 (noisy) songs

Why blog

I sit and listen to music. A lot and constantly. Probably more than it’s healthy to (last.fm group;)). And quite often I get excited (hmm, admittedly not as much as I used to, and, come to think of it, at a decreasing rate, which calls for investigation on my behalf, why not on this blog, anyway, some other time) with a song or a record or a band. And I call out (inside my head) “that’s it! finally! that’s what I’m talking about! how come nobody ever thought of this before?” And then I feel the need to say this out loud. You know, like share it and stuff. And then I find myself busting the balls of acquaintances, family and friends, colleagues and complete strangers with all these new stuff that I listen to. Later, when they fall deeply and peacefully asleep, I find myself wondering whether perhaps they weren’t extremely interested in the first place (by the way, this is the first reason: I’m looking for audience that doesn’t find me boring).

That’s when I google what others have to say about it. I search for what others have discerned, felt or, rather, received from what I heard. I search for differences and similarities in the way we listen. Only then, in retrospect, do I find a meaning in reading reviews (I didn’t stop reading the music press just because of this, but the other reasons, that have to do mainly with the fact that it’s bullshit, comprise a potentially interesting future article). I’ve stopped seeing any point in preparing myself for what I will hear and (for fuck’s sake) in being told in advance how good it is, in case of course it’s deemed worth my while by a third party. There is a point however in verifying if other listeners had the same or similar experience as me. They might insist that music is a form of communication that brings us close together, but from time to time though I need some proof.

So, this is how I see it: this blog would be something like the message in a bottle in the ocean of the internet addressed to anyone who finds it useful to see imprinted thoughts and images similar to his/her own. Yeah, that’s it.

Mar 1, 2012


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Air Atlantic Underground 
(Jaguar's Station is the best thing on the internet)