White Noys

31 (noisy) songs

Sulk. Saviours of British indie pop?

Thank you for introducing this band to me! I believe that the number of songs doesn’t matter, as long as they are all top notch. I just hope there’s some more to come!
I also hope that proper brit-pop makes a come-back…


I came across this band by complete fluke. I noticed it had a shoegaze tag (something that  interests me  at the moment) clicked on it and to my surprise A NEW BAND THAT MADE ME SIT UP!

As it stands the single “Wishes” will never be enough to blow me away, though I do personally like the single I find it a  bit too stereotypical of baggy/madchester Brit pop sound with the exception of the shoegaze style that keept me interested.It was the follow up single “Back In Bloom” that really blew me away and got me exited!

The psychedelic and droning guitar riffs blew me away from the off! No longer can you compare this band to a standard Brit pop type band this band is more than that and this single proves it. Back In Bloom wouldn’t sound out of place on the fantastic album by The Verve…

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One comment on “Sulk. Saviours of British indie pop?

  1. inahole

    Cheers for the reblog mate.

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