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Chatham Rise – No One EP (2011)


Second ep released this year are four tracks. The trip goes off with “Tranquilized” is a good title for the 1st track, a very chilled, amplified, dreamy wall of sound of wich can also be said about the next track on this excellent EP “Fall Inn” classic shoegaze you can completely lose yourself in.
The third track “Autopilot” also delivers that same hazy sound but with a bass line that keeps you on the edge of that wall before you fall into the live atmospheric recording “Hollow” a great track to end this EP with, wich leaves you asking the question “when is the first album release?” we want more. – review by ellis.

– ellis, i learned about that, currently are working on their debut LP due out early in 2012._teddyweb sites:




also have free downloads for ‘clouded’ and ‘gone’ at sussurros e escarros

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One comment on “Chatham Rise – No One EP (2011)

  1. teddyspaceship

    cool band 🙂

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