White Noys

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The Isolation

    I like myths. Everybody does. But I prefer knowing the truth. It takes a lot of nerve to create a myth on the internet nowadays. In fact, you can’t build a myth in the sense that this word had until 20 years ago. Pop music had the reach it had because it was creating myths and heroes. All of that is over and done with now. Good riddance.

    The Isolation have given me a warm feeling of mystery, which is not dissimilar to the mist of myth that used to surround the bands I used to like: they are a message in a bottle, a distant voice from the vast internet. 3EPs distributed through ThePirateBay.org and two songs through Last.fm. And a scarcely used MySpace account. Nothing else. No advertising, no promotion, hardly any artwork. All of the above, between 2009 and 2011. And now, radio silence. Pity.

    The Isolation inhabits a beautiful lot between 90’s guitar pop, shoegaze, Psychocandy and neo-psychedelia. And while it’s obvious that aesthetically they harbor by a lo-fi mindset, the end result, due to vocal harmonies and lush arrangements (well, all the “lush” you can get with the basic pop-rock band set-up: guitar, bass, drums plus some synthesized sounds without sounding electronic, bar one particularly techno-ish song) is rich and complex. Respectively, while they seem to aim at sounding light and cheerful and at times quite energetic, their disposition is actually heavy and their sound overcast and gloomy, so it’s difficult not to get a bit melancholic. However, they always keep it roomy and ventilated with an ample supply of air for us to breathe.

    Each of the songs has a unique personality. They all have something different to say. Each one communicates a new sentiment and has a new story to tell. I will not single out any one song; they are all very beautiful, each in its own right. Even so, I could attempt a grouping: the Isolation’s EPs consist of (almost) sunny pop tunes of (warning! blatant generalization ahead) the typical verse-chorus-verse form, but invariably close with a more subdued, psychedelic number, which times over five minutes and, playing with dynamics, climaxes at waves of noise.

    I’d like to refer specifically to the two solitary songs that I discovered recently. Both sound weary, resigned and desperate. Is it just in my mind? Is it the “myth” suggesting me to imagine that in the end the band was disheartened and this was reflected on the songs? Flower clearly falls under the second category: it’s a relatively long song that sets out all soft and subdued but it evolves and expands in huge dimensions. Mesmerizingly, the singers repeat “like a flower” and lay us in a disquieting trance. Shadows of you, a poppier but nonetheless more melancholic piece, starts off coyly with acoustic guitar strumming, but suddenly enters into psychedelic turbulence, which seems to be the song’s main message (I never pay much attention to lyrics, but here it doesn’t matter anyway, because this part has got no lyrics. Still, I see it as the point explaining the song. You know what I mean?). At the finale these two elements mesh, only to be lost behind a bulky cello sounding synth and unnerving feedback. In view of the fact that they haven’t been thoroughly processed sound-wise, and also that they are clearly gloomier than the rest, these songs must be demos that either weren’t there in time to be included in an “official” release, or are out-takes.

    OK, that’s all I know about this band. Göteborg Sweden, fifteen mp3’s, two videos, 2009-2011. Hope you like it.

3 EPs
Shadows of you


One comment on “The Isolation

  1. AHAD

    New release friday 15th June at http://www.allheroesaredead.com
    Thank You!

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