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The Soft Moon Live @ Gagarin, Athens (5/3/13)

Dear diaries (are stupid),

    That was a fucking great concert. The Soft Moon are into the mind-blowing business (using mind-blowing technics such as fast disco beats, aggressive electronics, noise, eerie vocals, b/w aesthetics) and they are mind-blowingly good. But allow me to report (some of) the events in chronological order.

    The 1st band that came on stage was Strawberry Pills. I didn’t listen to their whole set because I arrived at the venue a bit late, but I can confirm that they were awesome. It was just two musicians, a guy playing all the instruments (well, the guitar and the laptop business) and a gal playing (pretty successfully) the role of the tall blond elfish ethereal spectacle of a singer with an impressively deep, gravely voice and ghoulish dancing.

    The guy, as it turns out, is normally playing for Le Page, a relatively famous indie pop band here in Greece, who are too poppy for me. This project on the other hand is seriously darker and therefore more interesting.  I have to keep an eye out for them.

    Next was KU. I wasn’t interested in that at all, sorry. They seemed kinda good, but it was late, everybody was waiting to see the headliners, I was preoccupied with developing my drunkenness and they were too dark-folky to invest any of my attention. Just not my cup of tea at the time.

    After a while the Soft Moon appeared on stage. Chaos ensued. I danced like I never danced before. Everybody around me seemed to have an equally great time too. What moved us all is not just a dark disco band, as many music journalists in Greece seem to think the Soft Moon is. Which is stupid and elitist. Which is what music journalism is about. Which is why I stopped reading the music press. Which makes what I’m doing now seem infinitely ironic. Anyway. The band is definitely heavily influenced by the 80’s electro goths or whatever, but what we have here is not an 80’s revivalist thing, but a very relevant electro-dance-rock noise making punk band. They obviously stem from the American underground rock ecosystem (I guess; I never been there), the one that started from the Velvet Underground and went on in the 70’s punk and 80’s no wave and so on. My friend told me something about how their sound could be like manic depressive goths, and that’s when I started thinking that this band is so not into being depressed. The Soft Moon is rock, really. Or, perhaps, this doesn’t matter for them. What matters for the Soft Moon is the trip they want to take us with every song. What’s important for them is the driving beat to be strong and loud enough to guide our minds and our bodies through the dark and desperate and horrible stuff they want to say and back into safety (hopefully; depends on your drugs mindset I guess). Black and white (or yellow?) aesthetics, smoke, flashing white light. Am I able to convey what an amazing feeling it is being lost in a fast disco song that is held together by a cool/sad guitar riff, where freaky sounds and screams jump around and the air is filled with relentless bass and piercing noise, and, still, dancing through and enjoying every single fucking second of it? And also, considering the whole thing a (sick, fucked up and twisted version of a) disco dance night out?

    What an amazing scene they must have there in San Fransisco…

    Anyway, dear diaries, I wish I can have more experiences like that in the future, because they make my life worth living. If they turn up in your city, buy a ticket and go party.
*photos from here


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