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“All You Need” by Snuff

Subtitle: It’s the little things.

Here, I just want to speak about “All You Need”, a good example of what I like about this band the most: Snuff is interested in unremarkable everyday life.
Duncan sings about a person in a state of oblivion. He sees “an empty shell of a man”…
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14/05/2013 · 3 Comments

“End Time” by SULK

Subtitle: The Duration Of Happiness.

How long can a person be happy for? How long can they withstand joy without being exhausted? The question isn’t about how long they would like to be happy (if you asked that, everybody would surely say “forever”). But for how long can a person really take it?…
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SULK – Graceless [2013]

Subtitle: an album that was necessary to me.

I was really missing a nice, satisfying pop album like this one. One that is flowing so effortlessly through my ears and into my brain, from beginning to end. This is an album that celebrates music itself and perhaps I will “consume” it quickly. But that’s just how pop is and I need it…
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18/04/2013 · 1 Comment

Screen Vinyl Image – 51:21

Originally posted on Æ: Aglet Eaters:
Deceptive. Something about Screen Vinyl Image is unambiguously vintage. It could be the name – its resemblance to the authentically ancient Ultra Vivid Scene. But…

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pg.lost (29/03/13)

what a bemusing evening. confusion was at its most in front of the stage that night. i had never noticed such dominating rhodes presence in their compositions before. i thought…

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The Soft Moon Live @ Gagarin, Athens (5/3/13)

Am I able to convey what an amazing feeling it is being lost in a disco song that is held together by a cold guitar riff, freaky sounds and screams, relentless bass and piercing noise, and, still, dancing and enjoying every single second of it?…

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The Isolation

I like myths. Everybody does. But I prefer knowing the truth. It takes a lot of nerve to create a myth on the internet nowadays. Pop music had the reach it had because it was creating myths and heroes. All of that is over and done with now. Good riddance….

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28/02/2012 · 1 Comment

A Place to Bury Strangers – So Far Away [Onwards to the Wall EP, 2012]

I believe that APTBS’s weakness is composition. If I’m not mistaken, Skywave (Oliver Ackerman’s previous band) was disbanded in 2004…

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