White Noys

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“All You Need” by Snuff

Subtitle: It’s the little things.

Here, I just want to speak about “All You Need”, a good example of what I like about this band the most: Snuff is interested in unremarkable everyday life.
Duncan sings about a person in a state of oblivion. He sees “an empty shell of a man”…
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“End Time” by SULK

Subtitle: The Duration Of Happiness.

How long can a person be happy for? How long can they withstand joy without being exhausted? The question isn’t about how long they would like to be happy (if you asked that, everybody would surely say “forever”). But for how long can a person really take it?…
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A Place to Bury Strangers – So Far Away [Onwards to the Wall EP, 2012]

I believe that APTBS’s weakness is composition. If I’m not mistaken, Skywave (Oliver Ackerman’s previous band) was disbanded in 2004…

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