White Noys

31 (noisy) songs

Dead Skeletons – Dead Magick [2011]

Iceland, although not inhabited by many people, has a lot to show civilization-wise (the other aspects of Iceland are mostly covered with snow, so one can only guess): nationalization of banks, incarceration of bankers, a neo-psychedelic scene…
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The Silent Section – Contour Of A Passing Dream [2011]

Drama in the guy’s singing (Morten N. Carlsen is the singer), vast soundscape by means of reverb and excessive distortion in the 87 or so guitar tracks they recorded for this song…
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“A couple of times a year I make myself a tape to play in the car, a tape full of all the new songs I’ve loved over the previous few months, and every time I finish one I can’t believe that there’ll be another. Yet there always is, and I can’t wait for the next one; you need only a few hundred more things like that, and you’ve got a life worth living”.

Nick Hornby, from 31 Songs

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Chatham Rise – No One EP (2011)

Originally posted on teddyspaceship:
Second ep released this year are four tracks. The trip goes off with “Tranquilized” is a good title for the 1st track, a very chilled, amplified,…

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Sulk. Saviours of British indie pop?

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I came across this band by complete fluke. I noticed it had a shoegaze tag (something that  interests me  at the moment) clicked on it and…

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Why blog

I sit and listen to music. A lot and constantly. Probably more than it’s healthy to (last.fm group;)). And quite often I get excited (hmm, admittedly not as much as … Continue reading

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